With this kit you should not require any more parts to fit it to a rear frame (chainstay) of a BSA M20 without any mounting lugs as part of the frame.

It may apply to other models too that use the same rear frame.

Custom made high tensile fasteners have been made where necessary and other components heat treated to ensure long life.

The plating is considered purely decorative and for long term protection we recommend painting. The black passivation is to give a distressed look.

The use of aerosol etch primer will improve bonding.

On assembly, we recommend using a waterproof grease to minimise maintenance.

In the picture, it is only the stand assembly and clip assembly that are included in the price.

The additional items have been laid out in a manner to assist with assembly, although the kit is supplied loosely assembled to help you.

All parts are available as spares by searching the part numbers in the picture.

You may find some frustrations in mounting this kit as there are many ways it can be mounted incorrectly. Historic and recent pictures clearly prove this.

The most important thing is when the stand is deployed, the bike should not either be too upright or leaning. So that when the handlebars are turned from lock to lock, it does not try to fall over or lean excessively.

If you keep the parts in the orientation shown, you should get somewhere near, just bear in mind many parts can be fitted in reverse.

PES BSA M20 Longer Field Stand Kit

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